Shocking Discovery as Decaying Higgs Bosons Release Quarks

Shocking Discovery as Decaying Higgs Bosons Release Quarks

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider have discovered that decaying Higgs bosoms turn into quarks. If you a are a more savvy reader, you may skip ahead. For those that are interested, an explanation of why this is important waits below.

We can use the metaphor of cooking in order to make it a little easier. The study of particle physics can is the careful observation of the ingredients that constitute our reality cake. Since you care about what you eat and drink, the ingredients of existence should also be interesting.

The findings may not be as enticing as a delicious slice of chocolate cake, and we agree. But we have to consider that similar initiatives has allowed us to understand many useful facts about the universe and how it works, allowing scientific progress and many of the incredible benefits that we enjoy today, such as the internet itself, the car you drive to work or medical devices that can someday save your life.

Our mastery of the bosons and quarks may one day allow us to create exciting things such as a new source of energy, faster space travel and much more.

The Higgs boson was anticipated by physicists for decades, but it was finally confirmed by the Large Hadron Collider in 2012. Their interaction with a universal energy field named the Higgs Field is theorized to explain how subatomic particles get their mass.

Physicians have observed that the boson decays into several pieces, due to its interaction with the spacetime.  It was predicted that they will decay into different pairs of different particles named bottom quarks over half of time and into W or Z bosons otherwise.

Since the bosons are very rare, the research took a long time on order to bear fruits. The researchers had to use a new technique in order to spot the byproduct of the Higgs boson as quark pairs.

The discovery could offer important information. You may perceive the Higgs Field as universal syrup, which can be used with anything. If more ingredients will be found, amazing innovations await us.


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