She was About to Lose Her Leg, After a Pedicure Infection

She was About to Lose Her Leg, After a Pedicure Infection

A woman from North Carolina got an infection after she did her pedicure at a grade A salon. She wants to warn others to be careful where they do their pedicure!

According to a Facebook post from 22 June, Tracy Lynn Martinez she made her pedicure at a local salon in Winston, North Carolina.

Next day, she woke up with nausea, dizziness and body chills. She tried everything to keep them under control and even to make them disappear, but after a while, she woke up with a leg that has grown three times its normal size.

Tracy asked for an ambulance and shortly, doctors diagnosed her with a harsh form of cellulitis, a disease developed from a strep infection coming from a ‘callus cutter’, use to cut the dead skin.

Martinez had to stay two weeks in the hospital to stabilize her health status and now she is on a three-month course of pills throughout some compression socks that she has to wear.

She added that the salon looked very clean and the staff was nice and kind but what she did not know was that the tool they were using to cut the dead skin was actually banned for some time in North Carolina, but also in many other states from the US.

Martinez advises those who go to manicure and pedicure in salons to be cautious of what tools they use on them, and more than that each tool must be disinfected according to the rules and after each client and know that the non-metal tools should not be used on more than one person. There are infections that can last forever, because of slicing or cutting improper.

Stay safe and be on the lookout!

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