Sharing Is Caring: 6 Helpful Tips on How to Achieve Simultaneous Orgasm

Sharing Is Caring: 6 Helpful Tips on How to Achieve Simultaneous Orgasm

Simultaneous orgasm can immensely influence the bond between partners. But is it that common? When you first start your journey to achieve it, it may seem impossible. But surprisingly, 89 percent of couples admit having orgasms at the same time.

A shared climax can deeply connect lovers, while for some, it can be a fundamental base of a healthy relationship. However, to achieve this peak together requires both communication and vulnerability. This is why we can surely say that pleasure relies not only on actions but also on mental attitude.

If you are struggling to reach a shared orgasm with your significant other, try these six tips to help you hit the high notes together and create a blissful connection.

Know Your Body

Both partners should know how to bring themselves to orgasm. If you have never reached such pleasure during an act of lovemaking with your partner, trying to have a shared orgasm might be as hard as climbing a mountain in flip flops.

Both partners need to find out what their preferences are first. So, ladies! Discover what turns you on the most and try different ways to climax. You can always try to spice things up with vibrators and other toys. Get to know how your body responds to certain stimuli. Gentlemen! Explore your fantasies and your own way of reaching orgasm! Don’t hesitate to experiment with dildos for men or cock rings. Adding a sprinkle of technology to the mix might actually come in handy as exposing your body to new and undiscovered stimulants could make your attempts more fruitful.

Lube up

Lube reduces friction, helping women to stay moist down there. Vaginal dryness can be a huge barrier to a climax which is why it could hinder the blissful experience of both of the partners.

The more stressed you are, the possibility of being naturally lubricated decreases. Constant worrying about this issue can ruin the whole fun. This is why using a little help of lube can boost the performance of partners and help women worry less. Keep in mind that shared orgasms can only be achieved when both partners feel comfortable and relaxed.

Try Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation has several benefits. In that way, you can easily practice experiencing orgasms together and meet each other’s sexual needs as both partners are in control of their own pleasure and climax. Remember to control the timing so that both of you can have an orgasm at the same time.

Slow Down

Women’s climax significantly differs from a male one. It primarily depends on the type of stimulation and the pace of lovemaking. Interestingly,  75% of men reach orgasm almost every time during vaginal intercourse. At the same time, only 28% of women experience real pleasure while having sex. In other words, men climax much more often than women. Slowing down will give both partners an opportunity to suit each other’s timing. This is why changing your pace might increase the chances of shared orgasm.

Don’t Put Pressure on Each Other

During vaginal intercourse, both partners experience pressure to reach orgasm. We want to climax at the right time, give our partner pleasure, achieve the right kind of orgasm, etc. Our minds might get filled with nervousness to perform our best. Undoubtedly, it will only make intercourse less enjoyable. If you add the concerns to climax simultaneously, your stress levels might get sky high. This is not only about constantly fulfilling each other’s unrealistic expectations. Setting the bar too high might seriously damage the relationship.

Sync Your Breath

What if there are no improvements on your journey to reach simultaneous orgasm? Then you might want to implement some less obvious solutions, such as syncing your breath to your partner’s.

Breathing is connected with blood circulation, which can affect your peak performance in bed. Adjust your breath pace to your partner’s. This technique is called tantric sex. It mainly aims at improving the connection with your significant other. In general, this practice is about building a remarkable balance between spiritual and physical acts during lovemaking.

The Final Words

The obvious benefit of simultaneous orgasms is creating sexual bonding and making it even more intense and glorious. Keep in mind that chasing constant perfection might be disastrous. Try to enjoy the process instead. It is crucial to discover what satisfies both of you and adjust the pace.

Reaching shared orgasms might take some time. Naturally, you need to meet your and your partner’s body and see what works best. Sometimes the main obstacles to achieving this goal are in our heads. Acts of love are about feeling connected to your second half, being present in the moment, and enjoying a close relationship with another human being.

Don’t put pressure on you and your partner. Slowly discover new techniques and gadgets to enrich your sexual experience. By focusing on the process and forgetting about unrealistic expectations, you and your partner are more likely to spend a blissful and eventful time together.


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