September 2018 Harvest Moon Visible Period

September 2018 Harvest Moon Visible Period

The September full moon, known by most as the ‘’harvest moon’’ will be visible on the night of Monday, September 24. It is called harvest moon because September is the prime period for harvesting corn and other crops.

Similar to Augusts full moon, the one in September will not be one of the spectacular super moons, nor will it be a blue or blood moon. But for many people, even the simple full moon remains a powerful and inspiring visual experience.

Astronomers also note that full moons which occur during the autumn period are easier to observe as the weather conditions will allow us to spot them in most places after the sun has set and if there are no clouds to block them.

The moon will rise in the eastern areas at approximately 7 p.m. starting with New York City, but it will only reach the apex a bit later, at around 10.50 p.m. If the weather allows it, the moon will be visible form Sunday night to Tuesday night.

From where does the name come?

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the nickname ‘’harvest moon’’ is tied to the harvesting of Crops in North America, as the moon shines for several days allowing farmers to collect crops even after the sunset, allowing them to finish their work faster.

The name also became popular in the 1900’s due to music. Penned by two well-known vaudeville actors in 1908, a song named ‘’Shine On, Harvest Moon’’ became what we can call an early hit, and it was covered by many popular bands and singers as time passed, among which we can count Ruth Etting in 1931, The Four Acres in 1995 and other big names later. This cemented the name in popular culture

Other names are also used, such as corn moon, and certain Native American tribes call it the barley moon, since barley is ripe for harvest during this period.


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