Senate Approved The Cannabis Legalization Timeline – Sales Will Start In August

Senate Approved The Cannabis Legalization Timeline – Sales Will Start In August

Recently, the leaders of the Senate approved the timeline of the pot bill and announced that the sales will start in August, with one month later that the initial date set by Trudeau, the Canadian PM.

Peter Harder, Trudeau’s man in Senate, and Larry Smith, the Conservatives leader, agreed on the date on which the retailers can legally sell Cannabis – After the 1st of August, 2018.

The Bill-C45, or the so-called pot bill, has been passed forward and it will be put under scrutiny on June 7th, even though the initial project set up the pot bill final voting in May.

Ginette Petitpas Taylor, the Health Minister, stated that would take not less than 8 weeks but up to 12 to prep up the involved retailers for selling Cannabis. According to her declarations, August could be the month in which the Canadian will legally be able to buy pot.

Conservatives are happy with the timeline

When the pot bill has firstly emerged officially, the Conservatives demanded some more time to thoroughly analyze the Cannabis legalization implications.

Fortunately for them, the new agreement made that possible, and now the Conservatives will have enough time to study the changes the bill’s approval will imply.

However, there are some voices that oppose the legalization of Cannabis, considering that such an initiative will increase the number of pot smokers, will make the Police mission harder, and doesn’t treat the subject of the pot trafficking.

Pot trafficking brings $7 billion per year to the pot dealers

The Cannabis legalization is believed it will reduce the drug’s black market and the investments made by the Canadian government with drug enforcement authorities and their missions against the organized crime’s representatives.

Also, with the new bill, there will be a better control on the merchandise which will be 100% pure and natural in comparison to the pot from dealers which is, in most cases, treated with additives or even with other drugs to increase its potency.

The Canada pot legalization is set for scrutiny on June 7th and, accordingly, the Cannabis could be legally bought starting in August this year.


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