Second Dump Of Epstein Files Just Dropped – Bill Clinton Is In The Spotlight Again

Second Dump Of Epstein Files Just Dropped – Bill Clinton Is In The Spotlight Again

It seems that the second dump of Epstein files has just dropped, and Bill Clinton seems to be in the spotlight again. Check out the latest reports about this below.

More Epstein files drop

Here is the video that Fox News posted:

Someone commented: “The pressure needs to be kept up on this story, so that everything that occurred and by whom, can be exposed. The scum behind all of this need to be named and shamed and face criminal prosecution where appropriate.”

Not too long ago, we reported that CBS News revealed the following video:

Here’s what General Flynn had to say about the subject on Twitter:

New York Post noted that back in 2015, President Trump condemned his ex-pal Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island as a “cesspool” — and he invited reporters to grill Prince Andrew about the place, according to newly resurfaced footage.

“That island was an absolute cesspool, there’s no question about it,” Trump told reporters, according to a clip posted by the Sun newspaper.

“Just ask Prince Andrew,” Trump dished, flashing a slightly mischievous smile before adding, “He’ll tell you about it. The island was an absolute cesspool.”

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