Scientists still Don’t Know what Might have Caused the Seismic Waves which Recently Shook the Earth

Scientists still Don’t Know what Might have Caused the Seismic Waves which Recently Shook the Earth

Over the years, a lot of theories talked about strange events which happened on Earth. These actions were so unusual that not even scientists could explain. The end of 2018 seems to be one of those unpredictable periods when everything is possible and no logical explanation can be found for a certain phenomenon.

A report recently published by National Geographic mentions one of those curious facts. Scientists still haven’t managed to identify the cause of mysterious seismic waves which were discovered ’’travelling’’ around the Earth.

Strange seismic waves are shaking the Earth, but we still don’t know what might have caused them

The wobbles were discovered on November 11th and specialists think that they might have started in the Mayotte Island, a territory situated between Madagascar and the other side of Africa. Another controversy is caused by the fact that the waves were detected in Kenya and Zambia, but travelled through Canada, Chile, New Zealand and Hawaii.

Somehow, the wobbles approached Hawaii at a distance of 11,000 miles away. Their activity was followed by an ’’earthquake enthusiast’’ and shared with the other ’’geeks’’ through some Twitter posts.

Maybe one of the most intriguing facts about the seismic waves is that, although they lasted for about 20 minutes, no human being felt them like they would have felt an earthquake. The only device which perceived them was the real-time seismogram from the US Geological survey. In this case, scientists don’t know what to think and cannot figure out what caused the waves.

Goran Ekstrom, scientist from Columbia University declared that he hasn’t seen anything like this so far. Researchers know that there has to be a logical explanation for the seismic wobbles and hope to find it soon. They are planning to conduct additional surveys and further analyse the data for finding answers to their questions.


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