Scientists States that Humans may Survive Black Holes

Scientists States that Humans may Survive Black Holes

For a long time black holes have been a scientific wonder and scientist are always interested to find as many information about them as possible. This is why the latest study is looking to see whether human can or cannot survive black holes. This is a very new perspective to look at things as black holes defy all laws of physics.

Information about the study

The team of researchers came from the University of California, Berkley, and they were led by Peter Hintz. This study was published in the Physical Review Letters. Hintz stated that this study is more of a mathematical approach to this issue rather than a hands-on study. It is obvious that people cannot go into a black hole to study it so their work analyzes this issue from an almost philosophical approach.

How did they get to their conclusion?

For starts, the team of researchers looked at already known facts, such as there being two types of black holes: those that have an electromagnetic charge and those that do not. Regardless of this, there is a point called an event horizon after which objects cannot get out of the black hole.

Once the object gets sucked into the black hole it will reach the Cauchy horizon, after which scientists have no idea what resides there and the conditions that these areas can have on objects. However, they do know that an object that enters the Cauchy horizon will be stretched out after a while by gravitation.

What does this mean? Well, if scientists were to enter a black hole with an electromagnetic charge in a specially designed spaceship they could, in theory, survive and pass through the Cauchy horizon without being hurt in order to see what lies after it.

Could you survive a black hole?

It is highly unlikely that a regular individual would ever be subjected to a black hole so mankind can rest easily. The aim of this study is to challenge previously known ideas and to, hopefully, aid future scientists learn more about the cosmos and about the limitations of mankind exploring it.


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