Scientists Have Recreated Alien Life Conditions on Earth

Scientists Have Recreated Alien Life Conditions on Earth

Scientist from the John Hopkins University in Baltimore have worked very hard to recreate the live conditions of a number of exoplanets in a closed of, laboratory setting.

What have they managed to do

The team of scientists tried to learn as much as possible about this Solar System from these experiments. Their main goals was to learn about how planets work with one another in a controlled environment. These were the words of Doctor Sarah Horst, the primary author of this study and one of the researchers at this University. The study was recently published in the scientific journal Nature.

A small step for man, a big step for exoplanet research

It is a well-known fact that scientists have always been interested in how these planets work in space. The team of researchers wanted to know how the clouds and hazes that surround exoplantes influence the chemical composition of their respective atmospheres.

How did they do that

Doctor Sarah Horst, along with her team of researchers, focused their research on trying to replicate the atmosphere of nine different exoplanets. They exposed a combination of gas form chemicals to a plasma discharge, a process that managed to create conditions that could be also seen in our own Solar System. The chemicals were rich in water, hydrogen, or carbon dioxide.

The work made by these scientists could be s breakthrough that would lead a better analysis of outer space and how it all comes together. For example, Sarah Horst is sure that these results are a certain indicator that these exoplanets have all the materials needed to create life on them.

What will happen in the future

In 2019 the James Webb Space Telescope is set out to be launched. This would give scientists all over the world the chance to have a better look at these atmospheres that, for now, were only created in controlled environments. It is going to be more exciting to see how they interact in real life rather than in a laboratory.


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