Scientists Have Discovered A New Planet That We Could Call “Home”

Scientists Have Discovered A New Planet That We Could Call “Home”

Even though this is going to happen in a far away future, the planet we call home is eventually going to become inhabitable. This is not a simple theory and scientists from all over the world are supporting it. This is why Tesla CEO is investing resources in his SpaceX company in the hopes of assembling and launching a colonization crew to Mars. Although, Mars doesn’t have the proper living conditions that we need in order to survive.

A New Habitable Planet Has Been Discovered

On the bright side of things, new reports are showing that scientists have discovered a new planet that is the ideal candidate for mass migration for when Earth becomes inhabitable. The new planet is called Titan and it’s a moon of Saturn. Janelle Wellons who is NASA engineer believes that Saturn’s moon is the perfect place for humanity to migrate.

“Titan’s thick atmosphere that would protect us from cosmic radiation. It is so dense that we could actually attach to the wings and fly to the moon,” said Janelle Wellons in a recent Reddit post. However, there are still some disadvantages to living on Titan such as the low minus 180 degrees Celsius temperature.

“Speaking on the condition of the surface they are not as hard as you might think. Titan is the only place besides Earth where there is liquid in the form of lakes and seas on the surface. These liquids consist of methane, but if you possess the right protective equipment, it is theoretically possible to swim without harm!” added the NASA engineer.

Moving to a New Planet

From the looks of it, the NASA engineer is confident that humanity could once reside on Titan. However, it’s still going to take lots of time before this happens and the only thing that we can do right now is to wonder about what life would be like living on Titan.


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