Scientists have Discovered a Never-Seen-Before Mineral from the Earth’s Mantel

Scientists have Discovered a Never-Seen-Before Mineral from the Earth’s Mantel

The Earth’s history is still fascinating scientists from the entire world. Each element from this planet has some proof of ancient existence and reminds us that we are all materials in the same Universe. Nowadays, more and more links to the idea that the oceanic crust that sinks in the deepest layer of Earth is recycled and gets into the mantle are discovered.

What is the breakthrough and what it tells us

One huge breakthrough has been made these days by a group of scientists. They have discovered a never-before-seen mineral in a diamond which formed itself deep in the Earth’s mantle. Although the calcium silicate perovskite is one of the most common seen on Earth, usually it can be found buried at 400 miles below the surface. According to specialists, this is the proof that links the deeply buried oceanic crusts and the Earth’s mantle.

The rare mineral has been found trapped in a diamond from a mine in South Africa. This place is famous for having hosted some of the most exquisite and expensive diamonds in the world, like two of the largest pieces from the British Crown Jewels.

Unyielding Diamond Container

Researchers found the trapped mineral in a diamond from South Africa’s Cullinan Mine. This mine has yielded some of the most expensive diamonds in the world, including two of the largest diamonds in the British Crown Jewels. The discovery is even more special because it can produce light even ion the deepest and darkest part from the Earth’s substance. Also, the newly discovered mineral can be kept on the Earth’s Surface only if it is trapped in a diamond and this makes it even more special.

The fact that they discovered this mineral is a huge step for science, because now specialists can analyse the processes deep within the Earth. This can mean progress and better protection even in the seismology area.


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