Scientists are Wondering Whether they Should Land on Venus Again

Scientists are Wondering Whether they Should Land on Venus Again

Venus is a planet with fascinating surrounding. If you are looking for a surface that can melt lead, this planet is the answer, because it has the right temperature – and we mean that it’s really hot. If we add the clouds of sulphuric acid which float around it and the powerful winds that cross its surface, we can understand why Venus is considered a beautiful hellscape for people.

Of course, no living being reached the planet, but a few bold robots made their way on its surface. However, they didn’t last more than 2 hours and this leaves scientists with a tremendous will to find out more about what’s going on around the Venusian environment.

Venera-D could be a lander to last on Venus

Nowadays, experts are doing their best to discover some resistant ”forces” which can last on Venus’s surface for more than 2 hours. It looks like they are working on developing the concept of Venera-D, an idea that could become a successful mission on a planet where no man has ever stepped before.

Their aim is to create a long-living lander that can last even concerning the environmental conditions from Venus. So far, they haven’t started building anything and they won’t start until they have answers to all their questions.

According to Dr. Tracy Gregg, a planetary geologist at the University from Buffalo and co-chair of science committee working on Venera-D, their research will result into a top-notch construction. However, they estimate that the earliest launch date is around 2026.

By then, the team hopes to acquire all the necessary technology and have the right knowledge for leading such a delicate mission. They could be the pioneers of a historical breakthrough, so we will have to follow their activity and find out more on this matter.


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