Saving Joe Rogan: Rumble CEO Offers $100 Million For Four Years In Legit Offer Following Spotify Scandal

Saving Joe Rogan: Rumble CEO Offers $100 Million For Four Years In Legit Offer Following Spotify Scandal

Joe Rogan represents the voice of freedom for a lot of people all over the world during these terrible times.

We keep living under the sign of the novel coronavirus for more than two years now. Even though this nightmare seems to get closer and closer to its end, the headlines all over the world still include the dreadful subject.

Unfortunately, during such times, freedom of speech has been suffering and censorship is showing its massive strength all over the world. 

You are probably aware of the fact that Rogan has been making headlines all over the place and this has been happening following the recent interview that he had with dr. Robert Malone about covid-related subjects. 

The mRNA vaccine expert/inventor dr. Robert Malone went on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to raise concerns over the covid 19 vaccines and also to touch a bunch of other interesting related issues. 

Just in case you don’t know, Malone has been recently banned from Twitter – this started another trend of addressing the controversial censorship that big tech is into these days.

Joe Rogan is under fire, but has tons of supporters 

After this important interview, the backlash that Rogan saw became terrifying. A little while ago, we revealed that the UFC president Dana White defended podcasting legend Joe Rogan after hearing that he’s been attacked for his covid 19 skepticism. 

You should check out more details about the issue in a previous article that we posted. 

Recently, Rogan apologized after a video was shared online showing him using racial slurs, despite Rogan’s assertion that he was quoting others.

“It’s not my word to use. I am well aware of that now, but for years I used it in that manner,” Rogan said.

He continued: 

“I never used it to be racist because I’m not racist.”

It’s also important to mention the fact that Spotify CEO Daniel Ek released a statement on Sunday, announcing that the streaming service would stand by the podcast host.

“While I strongly condemn what Joe has said and I agree with his decision to remove past episodes from our platform, I realize some will want more. And I want to make one point very clear – I do not believe that silencing Joe is the answer,” Ek said.

Ek continued:

“We should have clear lines around content and take action when they are crossed, but canceling voices is a slippery slope. Looking at the issue more broadly, it’s critical thinking and open debate that powers real and necessary progress.”

He also said that it was Rogan’s decision to remove some of his work from Spotify.

This move made a lot of people angry and saying that Rogan represents free speech and if he gives in these days, people won’t stand a chance in front of the oppressors of freedom of speech.


You should check out the full thread in order to learn all the available details. 

Saving Joe Rogan

Now, it’s been revealed something that’s going to make a lot of people’s day. 

YouTube competitor Rumble released a statement in support of Joe Rogan, appearing to offer the podcast host $100 million for a four-year deal.

“Dear Joe,” Chris Pavlovski, CEO of Rumble, wrote.

“We stand with you, your guests, and your legion of fans in desire for real conversation. So we’d like to offer you 100 million reasons to make the world a better place.”

He continued: 

“How about you bring all your shows to Rumble, both old and new, with no censorship, for 100 million bucks over four years?” Pavlovski continued. “This is our chance to save the world. And yes, this is totally legit.”

A lot of important people are standing up and showing support for Joe Rogan. Check out the message that dr. Jordan B. Peterson released in his support, among others.

Twitter is also fuming when watching what’s going on with Rogan and lots of supporters are showing their love and respect for the podcaster there as well. Some voices are also criticizing him for seemingly giving in.



Now, let’s see if Rogan takes the offer and keeps speaking to the world freely with no censorship. Stay tuned for more interesting news about the world today, and make sure to remain true to yourselves, no matter the cost. 

The title of this article is more of a metaphor. Joe Rogan does not need saving, he only needs people’s support. Freedom of speech, on the other hand, does need saving. Freedom, in general. 

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