San Diego Eye Doctor Explains Iris Implants

San Diego Eye Doctor Explains Iris Implants

Iris is the part of the eye that sits behind the cornea, is ring-shaped and adjustable. The circular opening is located in the center of the pupil. With the help of the pupil, the iris helps to regulate the amount of light passing through and getting into the eye. However, note that too much light can interfere with vision. The iris is muscular and moves to shrink or widen the pupil to regulate the amount of light passing through. It shrinks when there’s too much light and widens in low light conditions. This occurs involuntarily and is controlled by the brain. Connective tissue and well-coordinated smooth muscle fibers make up the iris. Here’s when to get an iris implant and its pros and cons. Visit the San Diego eye doctor directory for more info.

The procedure to insert a prosthetic iris is called iris implant surgery. The major advantage of this procedure is that it could help to restore eye vision and color. This procedure was originally developed to help individuals with iris defects, including ocular albinism.

When to Get Iris Implants

Iris is the area of the eye that gives it color and each person’s iris is unique. It is also responsible for regulating the amount of light that enters the eye and loss or absence of this tissue can be due to trauma, previous surgery, or congenital defect. Individuals with an iris that is unable to constrict properly or those without an iris at all tend to suffer from photophobia or light sensitivity. They may experience significant glare when it is dark and tend to have impaired vision. When iris is missing from one eye the individual can seem cosmetically disfigured. So, it is advisable to have iris implants to help correct this issue and appear cosmetically appealing. Initially, people with a damaged iris or those born without one had no functional way of controlling how much light can enter their eye, which resulted in severe light sensitivity, and made it very challenging to focus on objects far and near simultaneously. Besides, patients had serious concerns with their appearance because the eye was a major, hard-to-ignore part of it. In 2018, however, the CustomFlex Artificial Iris Implant obtained FDA approval and cosmetic surgeons began using it. Henceforth, this changed the patient’s lives.

Pros of Iris Implants

The FDA-approved iris implant helps to control the amount of light that goes through the eye and at the same time provides shade to the area for individuals with damaged irises. So, you may want to consider it if you have damaged your iris and have become overly sensitive to the amount of light entering your eye. Iris implants will also help your vision by recusing nighttime glare. These implants have also been associated with improved depth perception and increased ability to distinguish between colors. You will not only experience enhanced vision quality but also get to enjoy a cosmetic appearance that you’ll be more satisfied with. The iris matching process is conducted so well that clinical trials have demonstrated that 94% of patients become satisfied with their appearance after the new iris.

Cons of Iris Implants

Iris implants also have their cons. For instance, no FDA approval is available for using iris implants to change eye color. Undergoing the procedure to change eye color is also considered a very dangerous process and people are advised to avoid products not designed for implantation when they have healthy irises.

So, you can choose whether or not you can have iris implants depending on the health of your existing iris. However, be sure to consult your ophthalmologist before you make such decisions, as you may be putting your eye health at risk.


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