Salmonella Outbreak in 5 Provinces Allegedly Triggered By Cucumbers, Health Officials Said

Salmonella Outbreak in 5 Provinces Allegedly Triggered By Cucumbers, Health Officials Said

The recent salmonella outbreak in Canada affected five provinces in the country, with British Columbia recording the majority of the cases, followed by Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec. According to the Canadian health experts, most of the patients reported to the hospital with salmonellosis after eating cucumbers. So far, salmonella affected 45 people scattered over the five before-mentioned provinces.

“Cucumbers and other potential sources of illness are being considered in the ongoing investigation into Salmonella illnesses in western Canada. As the investigation evolves we will keep you updated,” stated Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) on Twitter.

Also, according to the health officials, 37 cases were confirmed in British Columbia, five in Alberta, and one each in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec. Also, the patient from Quebec reported that he recently visited British Columbia, right before getting ill.

Even though the majority of the patients reported that they ate cucumbers right before feeling sick, the health experts within the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) are investigating other possible sources.

Health Officials Are Investigating Salmonella Outbreak in 5 Provinces, Allegedly Triggered By Cucumbers

So far, only nine people with salmonellosis required hospitalization, according to the health officials, but, fortunately, no fatalities have been reported. Keep in mind that salmonellosis could be fatal if not correctly treated, especially in children, older adults, and people with a poor immune system. The salmonella bacteria cause salmonellosis.

Avoid salmonellosis by:

  • Frequently washing your hands with soap and always washing vegetables with plenty of uncontaminated water before eating;
  • Remove all the damaged parts of fresh products;
  • Use a clean brush and scrub with it the firm surfaces of cucumbers, oranges, melons, potatoes, and carrots, among others;
  • Always correctly cook meat, eggs, seafood, and other products;

The salmonella outbreak across Canada has also drawn the attention of the Washington health officials who, after investigating six salmonellosis cases across the US state, also found cucumbers as the primary cause.


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