Romanian Calin Georgescu, UN, WEF Insider Talks About The Elites, Transhumanism, The WHO

Romanian Calin Georgescu, UN, WEF Insider Talks About The Elites, Transhumanism, The WHO

There’s an interesting video around on Twitter, showing Romanian Calin Georgescu, ex UN, WEF insider talking about all kinds of interesting issues today. Check out the latest reports about mind-blowing matters below.

The United Nations and WEF insider, Calin Georgescu in conversation with Attorney Reiner Fuellmich reveals the Elites, Bankers, Oligarchs agenda, Transhumanism, and World Control by paying a lot of figures that we know today to be leaders, who in fact are just pions.

You can see the video here on Rumble. 


Someone commented the following: 

“I was worried that we, the ordinary people of the world, were going to be taken over by the globalist oligarchs and turned into their slaves. While this is still possible, I believe that enough of us are waking up that we can beat these evil greedy groups. I am delighted to see the development of those who believe in a multi-polar world, through groups such as BRICS. The middle east is coming together and beginning to look like a cohesive bloc of like-minded countries, along with Africa and Asia and they are more than half the world’s population. They appear to be rejecting the US/UN, WEF one world government system. The financial power of the US is being seriously challenged and appears to be in a real state of decline. Looking at the world, it seems that the west, US, Europe and a couple of countries such as Australia and Japan all that support the oligarch’s dream. However, now is not the time to relax, it is the time to work together to beat the evil dystopian world we are being offered by the globalists.”

More details about the greatest fraud in history

Earlier today, we revealed the fact that a medical expert just explained what happen during the past three years and what’s been actually killing people. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Here’s the tweet that dr. Eli David shared:

Someone commented: “It’s too late for outrage. People are onto Ukraine now. Literally anything can be said about Covid, there will be no consequences. The system does a great job.”

Also, did you know that Albert Bourla called Israel a world lab during the pandemic?

“I believe Israel has become the world’s lab right now because they are using only our vaccine at this state and they have vaccinated a very big part of their population, so we can study both economy and health indices,” said Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla during an interview given to NBC News on Friday.
“What we’ve seen is that the vaccine efficacy in real-world data is getting higher as we speak, following the second vaccination, so seven days compared to 14 days post-second vaccination, there is a difference in efficacy,” Bourla claimed.

More proof there was no pandemic

Check out the following relevant tweet in order to understand more about this issue:

Here’s more relevant info below:

The illusion of a pandemic

Not too long ago, I have already addressed how the authorities managed to make people believe that there is actually a pandemic going on all over the world.

The information is already out in the open; you just have to know where to look for it. Elon Musk allowed the banned important voices from the medical industry to speak, and hell has been unleashed upon those who did this to the world. Just take a look at all the new reports demonstrating the fact that authorities knew from the very beginning what’s been happening. 

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