Revolutionary Pill Coating, MEDCOAT, Helps People Take Medicine

Revolutionary Pill Coating, MEDCOAT, Helps People Take Medicine

Taking pills does not have to be a struggle and does not have to make you feel nausea. No more bitter taste, no more choking or having pills getting caught in your throat, all thanks to a revolutionary pill coating developed by MEDCOAT USA.

MEDCOAT USA has been working on finding a way to make pills not only go down smoothly, but also taste good. Pills that must be halved or quartered have sharp edges and may taste bitter, but this coating applicator works on any size or shape of the pill or capsule.

Erlene Thomas, MEDCOAT USA CEO, noted that there are plenty of people who struggle with swallowing pills, including children who simply hate the taste, which is why this coating will help solve these issues:

“We all know someone who struggles with swallowing the pills their doctors prescribe, or just taking their morning vitamins … and then there are the children who cry because they can’t stand the taste, and people who have medical conditions where swallowing is nearly impossible. These are real issues people are facing. We wanted to find a way to alleviate the issues and MEDCOAT® is doing just that, by helping people take pills with ease and in the right dosage.”

What Does MEDCOAT do?

It’s easy to use MEDCOAT: simply put your pill through the slot, twist and pull. Here are some of the advantages of using MEDCOAT.

  • This coating will cover pills or capsules to make them easy to swallow
  • The coating tastes great (citrus, strawberry and cola taste)
  • Large and uncoated pills are easier to swallow with MEDCOAT
  • The food ingredients used in MEDCOAT do not interact with drugs; the coating is sugar, soy and gluten free
  • Patients can take the right dose of the medications without needing to crush or cut pills
  • With the ease of swallowing pills due to the coating, patients can follow and complete their treatments
  • Doctors are encouraged to prescribe pills instead of liquid medication
  • An applicator can coat up to two pills (depends on the size of the pills)

An Easy Way to Take Medications

MEDCOAT is now available in the US, and customers who have used it are very pleased with it and their reviews show how much they struggled taking medications before discovering MEDCOAT.

Countless patients have experienced problems with swallowing pills. They were either dry, big or tasted bad, but the coating developed by MEDCOAT solves all these issues.

“I always keep my eyes and ears open for new products in the healthcare industry. Having said that, my daughter, who is a pharmacy tech in Savannah, brought me home samples of MEDCOAT®. I was thrilled with this product from the first sample used. I take several large pills; such as my Calcium with D. What we affectionately call ‘horse pills’. I have literally choked really badly several times. As an 80-year-old that’s a scary scenario, especially if my daughter is not home.”

“MEDCOAT® is easy to use even with arthritic fingers. I highly recommend this innovative product and hope others who have trouble taking certain medications will give this product a try.” said Penelope Gamble, MEDCOAT customer.

“My husband recently had cancer. He never had a problem swallowing pills until then. He had to take several pills, and some were large and dry. He would choke trying to get them down. That’s when I found MEDCOAT® and they worked wonderfully. He was so thankful to be able to take his pills without choking or scratching his throat,” wrote another MEDCOAT customer.

“I was prescribed a new medication and struggled terribly to swallow the large pills. I cannot overstate how wonderful it is to have a product like MEDCOAT® make the unpleasant task of swallowing pills a much more pleasant one,” said Jennifer W., MEDCOAT customer.

“My 9-year-old daughter was prescribed a very awful tasting, yet direly necessary prescription. MEDCOAT® was an answer to our prayer. The strawberry coating completely covered the foul taste, so she could calmly attempt to swallow the pill without tasting it,” said one another MEDCOAT® customer.


MEDCOAT USA began distributing their product in the United States in 2019. The company is located in Bunnell, Florida. MEDCOAT USA’s parent company is Beutlich Pharmaceuticals, LLC. The parent company was founded in 1954 and has since developed solutions for patient care and pain management.

MEDCOAT is available at, Amazon, and at select pharmacies. Follow MEDCOAT on Facebook and Twitter.


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