Researchers Found A New Method of Removing Carbon Dioxide From the Atmosphere

Researchers Found A New Method of Removing Carbon Dioxide From the Atmosphere

A team of researchers from the ETH Zurich and the Paul Scherrer Institute came up with an intriguing way to effectively remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

They have examined the extent to which direct capture of CO2 from the air can help to eliminate greenhouse gasses. The findings and other significant details are now comprised in a paper.

Here is what you need to know.

Effectively Eliminating CO2: What to Expect

Researchers’ new method of cutting CO2 from the atmosphere may help Earth see a brighter future.

As per the new findings, only with careful planning, including location and the provision of the necessary energy, can CO2 be efficiently eliminated. But at what cost?

Fighting off CO2: study insights

The researchers focused their work on a system that runs with a low-temperature process. Then, they examined the use of the technology in up to 8 various regions, including Greece, Spain, Norway, Chile, Switzerland, Jordan, and Iceland.

That also required some calculations, so the team measured the overall greenhouse gas emissions over a plant’s full cycle.

How they did that?

Researchers compared the efficiency of the process right when the needed electricity is generated by solar energy or arises from the existing electricity grid.

“The technologies for CO2 capture are merely complementary to an overall decarbonisation strategy – that is, for the reduction of CO2 emissions – and cannot replace it,” explained Christian Bauer, the co-author of the study.

The Findings

Finally, researchers came up with 5 different system layouts for atmospheric CO2 capture for those regions.

The findings show a massive range, from 9 to 97 %, in terms of actual greenhouse gas capture via the use of the technologies.

The researchers explained that this approach could be useful in achieving the Paris Agreement’s goals on climate change. They also stated that certain emissions, from agriculture, for example, can’t be avoided.


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