Researchers Claim that Royal Jelly Could be used in the Making of a Cure for Alzheimer’s

Researchers Claim that Royal Jelly Could be used in the Making of a Cure for Alzheimer’s

A recent study shows that the substance which contributes to the transformation of worker honeybees into queens could have ”magical” properties. Everybody knows that royal jelly has been used for treating minor health conditions and in cosmetic treatments for centuries.

The substance has proven its efficiency in preventing early ageing, improving fertility and reinvigorating the immune system. Now we can find products with royal jelly in every nature shop. Furthermore, a lot of physicians recommend it for a series of affections, but it looks like scientists figured out that the substance could be even more beneficial than we thought.

The mysterious royal jelly could be used in treating wounds, muscle wastage and neurodegenerative disease

Recently, scientists made a ground-breaking discovery. Their finding could impact the entire medical world, so it goes far beyond mellitology’s area of work. Further studies are necessary, but researchers are planning to use the new data for developing potential cures for serious wounds and many types of disorders, including muscle wastage and neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s.

The potential treatments would be based on an active component from royal jelly – royalactin. Scientists from Stanford University found out that this protein activates an entire network of genes which boost the stem cells’ ability to renew themselves. This means that an organism with royalactin has the ability to produce a larger amount of stem cells, therefore it can repair itself faster than a body without this substance.

Bees are the only ones which can naturally produce royal jelly, hence Royalactin. In this case, scientists are looking for a way to develop a substance similar to Royalactin in the human body. They still haven’t managed to discover how to recreate the protein, but they are still working on this. Their activity will be made public as soon as they make any progress.

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