Researchers are Betting on Old Method for Treating COVID-19 Patients

Researchers are Betting on Old Method for Treating COVID-19 Patients

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause a lot of sorrow and life losses around the world, scientists never give up in trying to find both cure and vaccine. With every day that passes, humanity is more close to defeating this scourge that keeps terrifying us all. You know what they say: you have to learn how to smile even in Hell.

Plasma Technologies LLC intends to develop Covid-19 convalescent plasma technologies. The Department of Defense made the big announcement, which means that the plan is as serious as it can be.

New convalescent blood plasma process

The plan is to develop a new convalescent blood plasma process for making more serum-derived products. President Donald Trump is a politician who cares very much about the health of his nation, and therefore he and health officials encouraged people to donate plasma. If it works, it will be a successful treatment that has its origins way back in the 19th century. The testing of the method already began on 67,000 people, but there’s still no irrefutable proof that it works, and we’re eagerly waiting for new updates. While the new method is being tested for the moment only in the US, there’s no reason for us to believe that other countries won’t also be giving it a try.

The COVID-19 pandemic is facing an unexpected and serious increase in the daily number of cases for some countries, or putting it otherwise: a second wave is hitting Spain, France, Germany, the UK, and more.

Probably the best way to be protected from the SARS-CoV-2 virus is not to catch it at all. Therefore, frequently washing your hands, avoiding crowded places, and maintaining a fair distance from people surrounding us might be our best weapons.

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