Reese Witherspoon Says Women Should ‘Run Away’ From Men Who Can’t Handle Their Ambition

Reese Witherspoon Says Women Should ‘Run Away’ From Men Who Can’t Handle Their Ambition

The actress is the definition of girl power! Reese Witherspoon appeared on the cover of Glamour’s October issue and also wrote an empowering essay that is a must read for any woman out there.

Witherspoon talked about relationships and insisted that a woman should never downplay her career ambitions for her significant other, but on the contrary, evolve together.

‘Run away from a man who can’t handle your ambition. Run. So many men think ambition is awesome and sexy! We have to do our part to change the idea that a woman with passion and ambition is only out for herself. So, talk to your kids about ambition as a positive trait in men and women,’ the star penned.

As for what women can do to change perception and the norm, the mother of three said working hard and doing what they do best is the only real solution.

As fans may already know, Reese is not just talk and no action.

About five years ago, the actress starts a production company with the intention of creating more roles for women.

Now, she has over twenty different projects featuring amazing female characters of different ages and cultural and ethnic backgrounds that are in the works.

What do you think about Reese Witherspoon’s idea about female ambition and working hard? Do you agree?


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