Red Alert For Mega Earthquake – US Coast, Pacific Fault Line

Red Alert For Mega Earthquake – US Coast, Pacific Fault Line

There are definitely some tough times ahead in the US, according to the latest reports. Scientists fear a hole in a 600-mile-long fault line in the Pacific could trigger a catastrophic earthquake that would decimate cities along the northwestern US.

US could see massive earthquake 

The hole spewing hot liquid sits 50 miles off the shoreline of Oregon, on the boundary of the dipping fault known as Cascadia Subduction Zone, which spans from Northern California into Canada.

This geological feature is capable of unleashing a magnitude-9 earthquake in the Pacific Northwest – and the hole could be the fuel it needs.

The leak was first observed in 2015, but a new analysis led by the University of Washington (UW) suggests the chemically distinct liquid is ‘fault lubricant.’

This liquid allows plates to move smoothly, but without it, ‘stress can build to create a damaging quake,’ researchers said. Stay tuned for more details about the situation.

The latest news about climate change 

Here’s the relevant tweet that will shed more light on the issue.

A follower posted this: “Please think for a moment. Dr. Patrick Moore helped found Greenpeace. He obviously cares deeply about this and knows a lot certainly. We should at least listen carefully to what he says.”

Someone else shared the following: “Combine this with a recent white paper I reviewed showing ESG and climate change are inextricably linked. We discussed at length how ESG is a ruse, misleading many and full of supposition and opinion. Both hyped for the benefit of few under the guise of helping many.”

Another person posted this: “The Earth revolves around the Sun as it’s a part of the Solar System. In my own non-scientist mind, CO2 is not causing the global warming but the massive Sun as we revolve around it. The only climate change I know is the 4 seasons we have, that we get warmer when the Earth tilts down and makes us exposed to the Sun and eventually tilts up making us away from the Sun and we get cooler while the southern part of the world gets the opposite temperature of what season we are in. The relative position of the Earth towards the Sun determines our temperature. The CO2 is utilized by the plants and trees too, and if we irradicate it, the plants and trees will not survive. To have plants and trees is the safest way to reduce carbon in my non-scientist mind opinion.”

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