Recent Study Shows that Parachutes Don’t Actually Work Without a Catch

Recent Study Shows that Parachutes Don’t Actually Work Without a Catch

We all know that parachutes are the most popular protection mean for those who are preparing to jump from a plane. Aircraft crews and experts in the airline industry say that these items are very effective and the unfortunate events when a parachute didn’t function are isolated cases.

Some brave people are willing to try a parachute jump just for fun, but others wouldn’t ever want to depend on such an item. Well, the sceptical team might be right. A study published recently showed that parachutes are as effective as an empty backpack when it comes to protecting us in case we need to jump from an airplane.

However, don’t jump to conclusions! Once you hear the whole story you will understand that there is a catch which can turn your parachute jumping experience into a success. The aforementioned study was published in a huge medical journal and shares some insights from the adrenaline-providing object’s world.

The law of gravity and the jumper’s experience can turn the process into a success

Surprisingly, you don’t need a parachute to jump from an aircraft. An empty backpack can keep you from damage or even save your life if you know the right tricks. According to the study conducted by a team of researchers from several prestigious Universities like Harvard, the University of California and the University of Michigan, the secret consists in the type of aircraft you are planning to jump, distance from the ground and the jumper’s experience.

A person who knows how the law of gravity works will know how to ”fly”, so that it could have a successful landing, regardless of the protection mean. According to this theory, people who jump from flying aircrafts have less chances of suffering damage or losing their lives, even if they don’t have functional parachutes.

The law of gravity has its own importance in the process, because it influences the way people float based on their weight and distance from the ground. However, un-experienced citizens who want to execute a parachute jump are advised to do it with a parachute.


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