Recent Studies show that Ketamine can Treat Severe Depression and Remove Suicidal Thoughts

Recent Studies show that Ketamine can Treat Severe Depression and Remove Suicidal Thoughts

Ketamine is a controversial drug. Most people know that it is illegal to use it with recreational purposes. In the club drugs’ terminology it’s known as “Special K” and, in case of overdose, it’s dangerous enough to cause intense and dissociative effects.

On the other hand, its strong effect is highly appreciated in hospitals. Here, the medical staff mostly uses it as an anesthetic, but recent scientific studies come to revolutionize the whole sanitary system. Experiments conducted lately have shown that Ketamine has a significant effect in treating severe depression and suicidal intentions.

In many depression cases, traditional treatment is not effective

Most people have gone through depressions during their life. Some managed to overpass it thanks to their friends and families’ support, while others followed depression treatment schemes and received medical counseling. Unfortunately, many people didn’t manage to solve their issues and ended up killing themselves.

According to CNN, Mr. Alan Ferguson, a former police officer from Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, can consider himself lucky. He managed to go through a severe depression and get rid of his suicidal thoughts thanks to Ketamine.

Since 2014, Ferguson tried to end his life twice. What’s causing this behavior? The man’s severe clinical depression, which he had diagnosed it when he was 18. Since then, he had taken over a dozen treatments, including SSRIs, SNRIs and other antidepressants.

Everything was useless and as a result, Alan Ferguson gave up on them this year in May. A few months ago, he decided that it’s time to die and tried to suicide for the third time. Fortunately, his psychiatrist advised him to try a different approach. He directed the patient towards a medical clinic where he could follow an antidepressant treatment with Ketamine.

As a former policeman, Mr. Ferguson was skeptical at first, especially knowing what the drug could do. However, he decided to try and now he is thankful for having received a new life.

The Ketamine administration is so effective in fighting depression and suicidal thoughts because it acts on the nervous system. After administration, the brain cells start relaxing and thus a general well-being state it’s induced all over the human body. Of course, the treatment shouldn’t be applied without medical supervision.

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