Reasons why you Should Make Walking a Family Affair

Reasons why you Should Make Walking a Family Affair

It’s almost 2021. So before the year ends, you might want to look into incorporating a simple but regular routine for your entire family, especially if you have small kids who have too much energy to be kept cramped inside your home. If you know what I’m talking about, then why not try to set at least 30 minutes of your day to a family walking trip around the neighborhood? Or if you’re lucky, you have a small but quiet trail or park you can walk around on to get your blood flowing. If you need a bit of motivation to do so, here are a few reasons why you should make walking a family affair.

It’s a fun way to spend time with your family

Walking is not taxing. You don’t even have to keep a certain pace or cadence. Go with your own flow and rhythm so that everyone can have fun. Yes, walking can be fun if you can adopt a few activities and switch it up every day. You can start by asking your family what they’re doing for the day, anything that troubles them or whatnot. Or if your family isn’t the sharing type, you can also try taking photos of things you’re seeing for the first time in a long while. There are literally tons of ways you can make this short event a sweet and memorable one for your growing kids. And maybe they’ll always look back on these times with fondness, too.

Prevents your child from being obese

Childhood obesity is a very real problem especially for Americans. You might not be able to cut them off of sweets and snacks entirely, but at least you could get your kids moving by advocating for a walking time with the entire household every day! Although you do need to be strict when it comes to their diet (for their own good) , making them more active allows them to enjoy the beauty of movement. And who knows? They might pick up on a sport after enjoying your trips.

Keeps you and your partner in good physical condition

Aside from health benefits to your kids, of course walking would also be beneficial for you and your partner’s well-being. Aging can be difficult but you don’t have to be in your 20s to feel your best. And one way to slow down the natural aging process is by keeping yourself fit even if it means just walking around in your neighborhood. Walking is a good cardio exercise and it’s light on your joints, too! It can keep your bones strong and promotes good blood circulation.

The great outdoors boosts our mental health

The pandemic certainly has taken its toll both on our physical and mental health. Hence going outside for a refreshing walk could in fact be beneficial for your mental state. You may be suffering quietly due to stress or cabin fever. So if lockdowns are no longer a thing, you can enjoy walking to relieve you of some worries and pains that may surface if you just keep yourself indoors all the time. The same is true for your kids and the rest of your family.

It’s a generally inexpensive workout

Instead of buying expensive workout equipment to make a home gym you’d rarely use after the pandemic, why not just invest in good walking shoes and simple but quality walking accessories to get your workout in each day? That’s approximately a thousand bucks in savings and is the best fitness deal you can find these days.

Urging your family to workout with you might be the best decision you could make this year. It will help make your relationship stronger and keep all of you stronger, too. However, don’t impose this as a rule. Ask nicely and preferably when everyone’s a bit more accommodating in order to achieve all the benefits mentioned above. Stay safe!


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