Race towards a Vaccine for COVID-19 Starts a Conflict between the Scientific Community and the U.S. Administration

Race towards a Vaccine for COVID-19 Starts a Conflict between the Scientific Community and the U.S. Administration

Back in April, the Department of Health and Human Services held a presentation for the White House regarding the rapid development of the pandemic within the states, in light of the numerous infections. The officials underlined the importance of developing a vaccine, being considered as the key factor in managing to combat its spreading across the country.

The Operation

Even though a vaccine is normally developed during numerous years, the Operation Warp Speed was called and the process was suddenly accelerated. The deadline for this treatment is October, before the election of the new president of the United States in November.

The Context

There is now a worldwide race with the ultimate purpose of finding a vaccine for COVID-19. This all occurs while the United States is in the middle of the campaign season and the way President Trump is handling the pandemic is perhaps the most important issue there is to discuss. During his office, he has taken a lot of executive and media action to undermine the role of science and the technical expertise of the bureaucratic system related to the federal government, but not the system relies upon these in order to ensure that drugs that work and that are safe will appear in order to save the country from this deadly virus.

The Battle

There is a lot of pressure coming from the White House on researchers affiliated with the government. The presidency is highly anxious for good news regarding viral developments and a political intervention in the near future is definitely feared by the scientific community, as the government is not sure to maintain the proper equilibrium between rigorous regulation and speed when it comes to delivering new treatments for COVID-19 and associated conditions. This is the information that is available from various interviews that were performed with representatives of the administration, outside experts and federal scientists.

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