Quantum State Predicted Over 50 Years Ago – Artificial Atoms Are Studied

Quantum State Predicted Over 50 Years Ago – Artificial Atoms Are Studied

It has been just revealed the fact that there is a brand new study that addresses the pairing of electrons in artificial atoms. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Experts reveal an amazing discovery

The Department of Physics at Universität Hamburg has made a groundbreaking discovery that proves the theory of Japanese scientists over 50 years ago. The scientists created an artificial atom on a superconductor’s surface, paired up the electrons of the quantum dot, and achieved the smallest possible version of a superconductor. This achievement was published in the prestigious journal Nature.

Electrons typically repel each other due to their negative charge, which affects the materials’ properties. However, if electrons are paired up, they become bosons and no longer repel each other. This creates superconductivity, allowing electrical current to flow through a material without resistance. Superconductivity has numerous technological applications, including magnetic resonance imaging and highly sensitive detectors for magnetic fields.

With the current era’s electronic downsizing, the field of superconductivity is focused on inducing it into smaller structures at the nanoscale. The pairing of electrons in an artificial atom called a quantum dot by Universität Hamburg’s Department of Physics and “CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter” Cluster of Excellence is an exciting development in the field of superconductivity.

This is the smallest building block for nanostructured electronic devices. PD Dr. Jens Wiebe and his team at the Institute for Nanostructure and Solid State Physics locked electrons into tiny cages built atom-by-atom using silver.

These locked electrons were then coupled with an elemental superconductor, which resulted in the electrons inheriting the tendency towards pairing from the superconductor. The experimental signature was related to the quantum state predicted by Kazushige Machida and Fumiaki Shibata in the 1970s, with the help of theoretical physicists led by Dr. Thore Posske from the Cluster.

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