Quantum Experiment: Two Versions Of Reality Exist At The Same Time!

Quantum Experiment: Two Versions Of Reality Exist At The Same Time!

A quantum experiment seemingly proved the fact that there are two versions of reality that exist at the same time. Check out more details about this interesting issue below.

Mind-blowing experiment

It really looks like there are two versions of reality that coexist at the same time, according to the latest expert reports.

Physicists are considering a hypothesis that Nobel Prize winner Eugen Wigner first proposed in 1961, which may make you reconsider the notion that science will always provide an objective reality. The experiment, called “Wigner’s Friend,” is relatively simple.

It begins with a quantum system in a state of superposition, which means that both of its states exist simultaneously until it is measured. In this example, the polarization, which is the axis on which a photon spins, is both horizontal and vertical.

In quantum mechanics, a photon gets stuck in one of two states when measured. Wigner’s friend is running an experiment, but Wigner is outside and oblivious to the outcome. The quantum system, including the lab, is in superposition for Wigner.

The outcomes are different but accurate. This is similar to Schrödinger’s cat, a thought experiment about superposition. Wigner’s and his friend’s realities seem to coexist, posing a challenge.

For a long time, it was impossible to test this theory.

Wigner found it hard to calculate the quantum mechanics formula. But scientists have created an experiment that replicates this situation exactly.

A recent experiment involving six photons and four entangled observers has shown that while one part of the system generated a measurement, the other portion indicated that no measurement had been taken. This led to the measurement of two different realities simultaneously.

The study supports the claim made by quantum theories that already consider observer dependence. The researchers have not yet submitted their study for peer review, but it is available to read on ArXiv.

In the study, the researchers question the objectivity of the facts established by the two observers.

They ask whether the records of the observers can be reconciled or whether they are fundamentally incompatible, making it impossible to consider them as objective, observer-independent facts of the world.

Although science is a powerful tool for understanding reality, the influence and limitations of observers are well known.

According to the theory of relativity, observers cannot see simultaneous occurrences at the same time.

Also, experiments in quantum physics have shown that observers have an impact on the outcomes. Recent findings suggest that two worlds may exist simultaneously, at least at the quantum level.

This is an extremely interesting issue to consider especially since our mind functions at a quantum level as well.

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