Psychotic NWO Shocks The Planet: Alex Jones Speaks On Depopulation Agenda On Tucker Carlson’s Show

Psychotic NWO Shocks The Planet: Alex Jones Speaks On Depopulation Agenda On Tucker Carlson’s Show

Alex Jones has finally been invited to Tucker Carlson’s show, and he’s addressing the huge depopulation agenda that the big players have set for the planet. Check out more juicy details below.

New World Order and the depopulation agenda

Although the discussion between Alex Jones and Tucker on X covered a range of interesting topics, one of the most significant was the alleged globalist agenda to eliminate hundreds of millions of people to establish power before the technocratic Great Reset.

The elite believe they’ll become transhuman by merging with AI.

Jones told former Fox News host Tucker Carlson the psychotic New World Order plans on getting rid of 90% of humanity by 2045 via a twisted depopulation agenda.

“What do you mean, the depopulation?” asked Carlson, with Jones responding, “They want to bring the population down to 500 million.”

This is a warning that could come and hit all of us as a shock, especially those who have been kept in the dark regarding the Great Reset agenda thanks to Big Tech censorship blocking voices like Jones.

Now, thanks to Tucker’s interview and Elon Musk’s X reinstating free speech online, millions of people have access to more info.

After the release of an interview in which he called for investigations into those who are selling out their countries, Jones became a trending topic on X. He also demanded criminal trials for those traitors.

Thousands of users on social media called for the reinstatement of Jones’ Infowars account.

Elon Musk also expressed his openness to the idea and admitted that the initial reason for Jones’ ban on X was “not valid.”

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