Protecting Texas Border: Gov. Greg Abbott Says Ten Other States Have Sent National Guard

Protecting Texas Border:  Gov. Greg Abbott Says Ten Other States Have Sent National Guard

The other day, I reported about the fact that former President Donald Trump is calling for all willing states to deploy the National Guard to the Texas border in order to start the deportations. Now, gov. Greg Abbott says that ten other states have sent the National Guard there.

Trump addresses the National Guard

Former President Donald Trump has made a post on his Truth Social account, urging all “willing states to deploy their [national guards] to Texas to prevent the entry” of illegal immigrants into the state.

Trump’s call comes after Texas Governor Gregg Abbott declared an invasion and invoked Texas’ right to “self-defense” in the First Article of the Constitution. At least 14 states have indicated their support for Texas in its efforts to prevent illegal immigration.

In the post, Trump touted his record on immigration when he was president.

“When I was President, we had the most secure Border in History. Joe Biden has surrendered our Border, and is aiding and abetting a massive Invasion of millions of Illegal Migrants into the United States.”

Trump wrote that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has hands tied by the Biden administration with regards to the border.

“I will word hand in hand with Governor Abbott and other Border States to Stop the Invasion, Seal the Border, and Rapidly begin the Largest Domestic Deportation Operation in History.”

Gov. Greg Abbott addresses the issue

Check out the tweet shared by Tucker Carlson:

Someone said: “Wow! 10 states have sent their national guard to the Texas border already! That’s how you do it America! We don’t need the Federal Government because we have the American people. God bless Texas and all the states defending our country and our freedoms!”

Ted Cruz also had something to say about this:

Stay tuned for more news about this extremely important issue that’s making waves in the US.

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