Prostate Cancer Survivors Advice Anyone For a Test If Experiencing any Associated Symptoms

Prostate Cancer Survivors Advice Anyone For a Test If Experiencing any Associated Symptoms

Prostate cancer is a very serious disease; it is deadly if it’s not discovered and treated in time. Many men discover it late and sometimes nothing remains to be done because they ignored some simple signs sent by their bodies. Cancer can be starting to grow in your body even if you don’t have any symptom, so you should check your urinary system health as often as possible.

One important factor that prevents prostate cancer from spreading and becoming lethal is running some tests as soon as you start experiencing the symptoms associated with it; there is nothing to be embarrassed of because there are many men all over the world who have done these tests. It’s natural to look over your health, because if you don’t do it while you can, it might be too late when you discover that you are sick.

What are the alarming symptoms

The first and most obvious sign of prostate cancer is the urinary dysfunctionality: you have to visit the restroom more often that it would be normal, the urinary process is slow, interrupted, sometimes even painful. In these cases, you might think that you have a weak bladder, but what if this is not the case?

How can I be sure?

Once you have gone through all the unpleasant experiences described above, you should make an appointment to the doctor. Now comes the hard part: getting over the embarrassment caused by the medical examination, especially if you are a shy person. The primary test will be a rectal examination, because only in this way the doctor can find out if your prostate is enlarged and further tests are necessary. If it is the case, you will need blood tests, other exams and eventually a biopsy.

Like any other types of cancer, prostate cancer doesn’t care about your age. In this case, your family medical history is an important factor, because you are even more exposed if your father, grandfather or other male ancestor had this disease. Many men who have discovered it on time advise you to treat every symptom seriously and take good care of yourself.

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  1. My dad tried different supplements for his prostate until he found alpharise on internet, I remember how my dad was not being able to sleep at nights because of his frequent urination and he also complained a lot about the pain he felt while peeing . Thank God thats just past!


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