Pro-Russian Hacktivist Groups ‘KillNet, Anonymous Sudan, and REvil’ Announce to Destroy European Banking System – Next 48 Hours

Pro-Russian Hacktivist Groups ‘KillNet, Anonymous Sudan, and REvil’ Announce to Destroy European Banking System – Next 48 Hours

It has been just revealed that a few groups of hackers have declared war on the European financial system – the banks will reportedly be under attack, according to them. Check out the latest reports below.

Europe under attack?

According to the Russian online newspaper, three infamous hacktivist groups, namely KillNet, Anonymous Sudan, and REvil, have joined forces to launch a cyber attack on European banks. They have threatened to cripple the entire European banking system within the next 48 hours, as of yesterday.

A video published by KillNet, a pro-Russian hacktivist group, contained a disturbing message. The representative declared that their upcoming cyber attack should not be taken as a warning but as a certainty. According to the representative, the planned attack will be severe and unprecedented. The masked man in the video warned that the attack would not be a DDoS attack, and that the old formula of “no money – no weapons – no Kyiv regime” would be used.

Killnet’s leader, who goes by the alias Killmilk, has confirmed to that plans for the attack are already underway. The attack, as he revealed, is set to commence within the “next 48 hours.”

According to Axios, Killnet briefly overloaded and took down the websites of some U.S. healthcare organizations earlier this year.

“The DDoS attacks came after Killnet threatened a long list of Western health care organizations last weekend in retaliation for continued NATO support of Ukraine,” the outlet reported.

According to reports, the HX5, a Florida-based space and weapon-launch technology contractor, fell victim to a hacking attack by the group known as REvil. This contractor’s client list includes Army, Navy, Air Force, and NASA. Additionally, REvil has accused the European banking system of controlling the EU, stating that the world has become obsessed with money.

“No money – no problems. REvil is sufficiently familiar with Europe’s financial infrastructure,” the representative of REvil said, further intensifying the tension.

Stay tuned for more details about the matter. 

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