President of the Heritage Foundation, Kevin Roberts, Reveals Truths About WEF Elites

President of the Heritage Foundation, Kevin Roberts, Reveals Truths About WEF Elites

It looks like the President of Heritage Foundation, Kevin Roberts, is revealing some cold truths about the WEF elites. Check out the following reports about this below.

President of Heritage Foundation reveals hard truths on WEF elites

President of the Heritage Foundation, Kevin Roberts, delivers some ice-cold home truths to the WEF “elite”—about climate change, the CCP, the WHO, and more—right to their faces.

“You’re part of the problem. Political elites tell the average people that the reality is X, when in fact reality is Y.”

“Elites tell us that we have this existential crisis with so-called climate change. So much so that climate alarmism is probably the greatest cause for mental health crisis in the world. The solutions [to climate change] are far worse and more harmful, and cost more human lives, especially in Europe during the time that you need heating, then do the [so-called problem itself].”

Someone commented the following: “In 7th grade, our teacher showed us Nostradamus. Me and my classmates collected can food for a month. We were petrified. Prepping for the end. It’s Amazing how a young brain can be indoctrinated and the parents and child have no clue whatsoever it’s being done.”

Another follower said: “What he’s saying is great but the fact that he gave them credibility just by acknowledging their farce w/ his presence bothers me. It was a get to know your enemy better event for them.”

Stay tuned for more news as things are really heating up in the political world.

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