Prepare for a Significant Tarantula Migration if You Live in This American State

Prepare for a Significant Tarantula Migration if You Live in This American State

Seeing a tarantula anywhere near a household is not exactly everyone’s idea of fun. But unfortunately for us, the huge spiders don’t care a bit if they’re welcomed or not. However, they’re generally docile creatures, although they’re venomous and their bite hurts pretty bad. writes about the annual mating season of tarantulas from southeastern Colorado. Large crowds have gathered for the event, where thousands of the giant spiders can be seen in the La Junta municipality of the American state.

It’s a “mate-gration”

The tarantulas are gathering to mate. Tony Laubach, who’s a National Reporter for AccuWeather, told AccuWeater Broadcast Meteorologist Adam Del Rosso on AccuWeather Prime:

It’s a lot to do with the weather,

The male spiders, the ones that you’re seeing, are actually looking to mate. So this isn’t as much of a migration as it is a mate-gration.

Apart from the new tarantula migration, there are certain signs that such a creature could be hiding in your own household. The huge spiders usually live underground and sometimes get out to seek food.

Nancy Troyano, Ph.D. and also an entomologist for Western Exterminator, declared as quoted by

They do this by being sneaky, although some species of tarantula will leave a very small, thin line of spider silk trailing outside of their burrow to act a bit like a tripwire to alert them prey is there.

Despite the fact that they’re giving the creeps to most people, tarantulas are slowly but surely becoming a popular pet. The females of this species are able to lay even about 2,000 eggs.

There are plenty of creatures out there that have tarantulas on the menu: snakes, lizards, foxes, coyotes, and more.

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