Premature Babies At The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Welcome Santa With Open Arms

Premature Babies At The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Welcome Santa With Open Arms

There is more than a week left until Christmas, but it appears that Santa Claus already made an appearance. Santa appeared at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and he visited the premature babies there.

All the babies were born before 37 weeks which means that they were born prematurely. Right now they are all under observation because there continue to be many risks for them. Doctors also have to check whether they are developing neurological or physical disorders.

The babies met Santa for the first time

Right now there are 145 infants at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and they worried parents that cannot wait until they can take them home, and hopefully, they will make it in time for Christmas. Nevertheless, the babies already had a chance to experience Christmas for the first time.

They were all dressed for this occasion, and each of them has a tiny Santa hat on. Certain also had some red onesies that matched perfectly the holiday spirit. The babies were photographed with Santa and there were some who did not even notice what was going on, and they continued to sleep.

Encouraging the young parents

It is very likely that some of these babies will spend their first Christmas in the hospital especially the ones that were born recently. Doctors won’t allow them to go home unless they are absolutely sure that they are completely healthy.

For parents, all these events are quite stressful, especially if it’s their first child. In such occasions, everyone might be tense and stressed so it was the perfect moment for Santa’s visit. Santa Claus was able to visit the babies and everything was planned by the hospital’s NewbornCenter Family Advisory Committee and First Memories Texas.


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