Possible Space Travel Revolution Promises To Send “Cruises” Into The Stratosphere

Possible Space Travel Revolution Promises To Send “Cruises” Into The Stratosphere

A fresh startup is capable of launching adrenaline-chasers up to ten thousand feet inside a pressurized capsule attached to a massive balloon.

About The Startup

The Space Perspective startup revealed its plans for the “Spaceship Neptune,” which can take space enthusiasts in the sky.

Scientists said that the cruise to the destination takes two hours, and the tour continues two hours above the Atlantic Ocean.

Space Perspective has scheduled test flights at the beginning of the next year, and they believe that they’ll be able to sell tickets by 2024.

Pricing And Experience

Unfortunately, the cost of the experience is comparable with the altitude the ship will be reaching. The price of such a flight is estimated at $125,000.

The official website of the startup presents the whole idea and the opportunities it offers in detail.

Their motto? “For the first time, we can make the thrill of spaceflight accessible to you.”

You might argue that the price is far from accessible for the regular folk, but it’s still better than whatever was the next best thing in the past.

The company claims that the exploration ships offer a safe, comfortable manner of exploring space with minimal physical requirements, similar to boarding an airplane.

“Our pressurized capsule affords a shirt-sleeves environment and comes with a refreshments bar and lavatory, of course.”

Fancy, isn’t it?

The height reached by the ship reaches 10,000 feet off the ground, which is just enough to capture once-in-a-lifetime frames of outer space.

According to the website, the trips would voyage right before sunrise, and a trip would last for six hours, which is more than enough to see the wonders that are out there.

We hope to see more startups like Space Perspective work on making space travel more accessible!


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