A Political Scandal May Be Producing At The FBI

A Political Scandal May Be Producing At The FBI

After the Federal government has used taxpayers’ money to sustain itself and to avoid the economic failure, FBI is now on the radar as Washington is covering the Bureau from corruption charges.

Reports suggest a massive scandal

A discussion between two ‘secret’ agents is the basis of the reports which show that the FBI worked against Donald Trump in 2016 and sustained Hillary Clinton in obtaining some pieces of evidence against her counter candidate in the Presidential elections.

If all that is proven to be true, the FBI implication in favoring one Presidential elections’ candidate against the other means betrayal of the nation. Moreover, the reports show that high-ranked FBI agents and leaders were involved in such actions.

A Russian dossier was used

According to the reports, Clinton campaign and DNC (Democratic National Committee) paid for the use of the Russian dossier on Trump held by the FBI. The FBI used the dossier to get the approval to spy on Trump and Trump’s supporters.

The things get worse as the reports are also involving Barack Obama, president of the USA at that moment. Supposedly, Obama offered to Hillary Clinton some secret information on Trump, meaning that president Trump was righteous to state that Obama ordered to wiretap his phones at Trump Tower.

The reason for such totally undemocratic actions

The intervention of a Federal institution in Presidential elections is already a huge thing but when a Federal authority such as the FBI is trying to tilt the presidential elections results to one of the candidates is a matter of corruption and betrayal of the Americans and of the Democracy principles they’ve sworn to defend.

So, one of the reasons why the Feds did all that was to sustain Clinton’s campaign and to significantly reduce Trump’s chances of winning.

However, the real reason why they did it is still a dilemma and until all the things clear up it will remain that way.


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