Mind-Blowing Video & Report Show President Biden’s US Blew Up The Nordstream 2 Pipeline, Then Blamed Russia

Mind-Blowing Video & Report Show President Biden’s US Blew Up The Nordstream 2 Pipeline, Then Blamed Russia

According to the latest reports and video, it becomes pretty obvious that something is happening. The media has been lying to people for a while, and the subjects that the lies involve are many. Check out the latest reports about a mind-blowing issue below.

Check out the video in which Biden tells people exactly what he will do:

The Daily Mail report begins by saying the following:

“Did Biden give the order to destroy Putin’s Nord Stream pipeline after Ukraine invasion? Bombshell report claims Navy divers carried out a mission to kill Russia’s gas stranglehold on Europe in audacious mission overseen by president.”

The publication continues and notes “Divers planted C4 explosives on three Nord Stream pipelines in June 2022, which were detonated three months later using a sonar buoy which broadcast a signal that triggered the bombs, according to the report.”

The attack was carried out in response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and designed to force Germany and other European nations to end their reliance on Russian gas, it is claimed. The move would also disrupt Moscow’s income from gas sales – which have contributed billions of dollars to its war effort.

Biden blamed Putin 

Never forget that back in 2022, CBS News reported the following:

President Biden called the damage to the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines “a deliberate act of sabotage,” rebuking Russia’s claim that the West was responsible for the explosions.

“The president said Friday that divers would eventually be sent to the pipelines, which were designed to bring gas from Russia to Europe, to determine what happened.”

“It was a deliberate act of sabotage and the Russians are pumping out disinformation and lies,” Biden said.

“At the appropriate moment, when things calm down, we’re going to be sending divers down to find out exactly what happened. We don’t know that yet exactly,” he added.

Blaming Russia and Putin for everything has become a trend that the US President and the MSM have been fans of for a long time, despite clear evidence of the truth. 

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