Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Biden Had Massive Role In Ukraine’s Biolabs – Emails And Official Docs, Revealed

Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Biden Had Massive Role In Ukraine’s Biolabs – Emails And Official Docs, Revealed

Have you ever wondered why all of a sudden, Ukraine has become the center of the planet? Maybe you should have. Check out the latest mind-blowing reports below.

Hunter Biden and Ukraine business

The New York Post notes the following: “Various e-mails on Hunter Biden’s laptop found that he assisted a California defense contractor with killer diseases and bioweapons in Ukraine.”

It’s also been revealed that Russia’s assertion that President Biden’s son Hunter was “financing . . . biological laboratories in Ukraine” was based in truth, according to e-mails reviewed by The Post.

A trove of e-mails on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop — the existence of which was exclusively reported by The Post in October 2020 — found that he played a role in helping a California defense contractor analyze killer diseases and bioweapons in Ukraine.

“US intelligence officials had earlier dismissed Russia’s messaging as war propaganda, explaining that Ukraine’s network of biological labs dedicated to pathogen research were not secret, and had publicly received funding from Washington,” the NYPost notes. 

However, Russia’s new claim that the first son’s investment fund was involved in raising money for biolab projects in Ukraine was accurate, according to e-mails involving Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine, first obtained by The Post and initially reported on by The Daily Mail Friday.

We suggest that you check out the complete article in order to see more details about this. 

Also, check out the following disturbing documents:


Here’s what the notes are saying about Hunter Biden’s biolab METABIOTA, on 02/24/22 – this is the same day the air strikes on Ukraine began.

See the original document above on the left and then translated in English on the right. .

“Remember that infamous video of Ukrainian MIL burning documents RIGHT IN FRONT of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense building in Kyiv, Ukraine? On 02/24/22 THE SAME DAY OF THE DECREE FROM ZELENSKY. The MSM broadcasted a video of Ukrainian MIL destroying evidence of Ukrainian State involvement with HUNTER BIDEN’S BIOLAB in Ukraine, right as Russia was beginning its missile strikes.”

YouTube video

Check out the Substack article in order to learn more mind-blowing details about this as well. 

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