Dystopic World: European Parliament and Member States Reached An Agreement on Introducing the Digital Identity

Dystopic World: European Parliament and Member States Reached An Agreement on Introducing the Digital Identity

It has been just revealed the fact that the EP and member states have reached an agreement about digital ID. Check out the latest reports and the video below.

EP and member states on the digital and CDBCs

Here’s the post, which includes the video on the social media platform X.

“The European Parliament and Member States just reached an agreement on introducing the Digital Identity, #eID. Directly afterward, #EU Commissioner Breton said: “Now that we have a Digital Identity Wallet, we have to put something in it…”, suggesting a connection between #CBDC and eID.

They ignored all the privacy experts and security specialists. They’re pushing it all through,” the post notes.

The same person continued and said: I am not optimistic. But it is not too late yet. Parliament still has to vote about this. Let your MEP know that you oppose the Digital Identity and that you want your MEP to vote against it!”


Back in March, I was posting about the issue, and back then, people called this a conspiracy.

I was addressing the fact that if you’ve been wondering what a digital jail is, well, you can check out the answer about this in a short video that I found on Twitter.

Here’s more info:

15-minute cities would end freedom as we know it, that’s for sure.

Here’s more info on the 15-minute cities.

There is a growing desire for cities where you can live a happy life without owning anything. These cities are designed to have all the amenities you need within close proximity, making owning a car unnecessary. However, in some of these cities, you may be restricted to a certain district and only allowed to leave a few times a year. The COVID-19 pandemic has truly been a nightmare for many people, and if we do not take action, the future may not look very promising.

Check out more disturbing data below.

On the other hand, it’s also important to note the fact that CDBCs could not be implemented without digital IDs.

Here’s more info on CBDCs:

Stay tuned for more news about the matter.

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