Donald Trump Shows Carelessness Regarding The Environmental Legislation

Donald Trump Shows Carelessness Regarding The Environmental Legislation

United States President Donald Trump has signed a new executive order the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2017. Now, the courts say Donald Trump shows carelessness regarding the environmental legislation, as many courtroom standoffs are now slowed down or even canceled.

Trump’s administration has withdrawn the Obama’s environmental legislation

The 2017 order signed by Trump has dramatically reduced the implementation of government environmental protection regulations but only allocated more importance to jobs in US polluting industries. Not to mention that Trump’s new environmental legislation is not meant to deal with global warming.

This order represents a 180-degrees turn from the Obama administration’s environmental laws and the USA’s role in combating global warming.

The White House said the president believes a government can “serve the environment and increase energy independence at the same time” by forcing the EPA to focus on its core mission, namely to ensure clean water and breathable air inside the United States.

The executive order abrogated six laws that have previously been signed by the Obama administration. These laws aimed at limiting climate change and regulating carbon emissions, including the presidential memorandum that underlines the “growing threat to national security” that global warming represents.

Donald Trump shows carelessness

The US courtrooms consider that Trump has shown carelessness when decided to cut the Obama’s environmental rules within EPA.

The Trump’s administration is much more socially-implicated than the Obama’s. Therefore, Trump will aim for Americans’ wellbeing cutting off useless investments that, probably, won’t bring any change to the current situation.

Let’s face it! In the last decades, there have been billions of dollars invested in environmental protection, worldwide. Other billions were redirected to research for methods to diminish the global warming’s effects.

The global warming is still affecting the planet. Where did the money go? Probably to the ONGs’ owners wallets who did not offer any solution to environmental issues.

Accordingly, Trump’s decision to redirect money towards the people whose jobs are meant to prone them to environmental issues seems to be much better than investing billions in something that hasn’t paid-off, yet.


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