Chinese President Xi’s Speech About a New Cooperation With Russia – VIDEO

Chinese President Xi’s Speech About a New Cooperation With Russia – VIDEO

There a new video online that’s making waves but the MSM is not talking about it. Check out the Chinese President Xi’s speech about a new cooperation with Russia.

China collaboration with Russia

Here’s the clip that is all over Twitter, but no one talks about it.

Russia has geopolitical ties with the regional powers that China needs, as they have had a very isolationist approach, whereas Russia has schools and training agreements with many local governments. China only just started in Turkmenistan…in a very small limited way. This is a good partnership to build upon; they mad arms deal about 2 months ago during his trip. Expect those announcements here in the next couple of months.

Someone commented: 

A follower said: “I think a lot if it stems from the Project for the New American Century. This group has steered US policy for the last couple decades. Trying to suppress rising economies and preventing us from cooperating with them. In an attempt to remain king of the hill. But it has really hurt us instead.”

Someone else posted this: “An open hand. Last chance. Not to be missed. Think of our children! A new world, multipolar toward development and cooperation. Give a meaning to all those people who died whatever the flag.”

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