Police Stated The School Shooting That Injured 4 Students Was Unintentional

Police Stated The School Shooting That Injured 4 Students Was Unintentional

Sal Castro Middle School’s student and personnel lived a nightmare yesterday when gunfires have been heard. Four students were injured during this event.

Later, the Police took a 12-year old girl to the Los Angeles County’s Central Juvenile Hall as she was accused of the shooting. However, the police spokesman, Josh Rubenstein said that the authorities are believing that the girl didn’t intend to open fire but the gun accidentally went off.

“At this time, the information suggests that this was an isolated incident, involving the negligent discharge of a firearm, where innocent children and a staff member were unfortunately injured,” LAPD admitted.

Shortly after the beginning of the first class of the day at Sal Castro Middle School, gunfires were heard in a classroom. The Police recovered a semiautomatic gun from the scene.

The health officials stated that one 15-year old boy was shot in the temple but is out of any danger now, a 15-year old shot in the wrist, and other two, a 12-year old girl and an 11-year old boy, also suffered minor injuries caused by the gunshots. All of them will do just fine, according to the medical staff.

Students and teachers also consider the event was unintentional, some even saying the girl brought the gun to show it to her colleagues and not to do something wrong with it. Even more, some of the students thought the gun was a toy.

Security has always been a problem of concern at Sal Castro Middle School as many parents appealed for increase security levels as bullying and local gangs causing problems for students are very common events at the school in Westlake neighborhood. Accordingly, if security would have been increased already, the school shooting events would’ve not happened.

Luckily, the school shooting event at Sal Castro Middle School was just an accident, according to latest statements, but even so, it could’ve been ended up tragically.


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