Plastic Waste To Be Combated With New Fountains And Bottle-Refill Posts In London

Plastic Waste To Be Combated With New Fountains And Bottle-Refill Posts In London

According to the Guardian, London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, came up with a plan to combat the plastic waste. New fountains and bottle-refill posts will be put all over London as a measure to counteract the increasing volume of single-use plastic waste.

Bottle-refill points to be installed

During February and March, tap water will be available for people through bottle-refill points. For the start, the City Hall will install bottle-refill points in 5 areas of London, in a pilot scheme. If proven to be a success, in 2018’s summer, bottle-refill points will be placed all across London.

Also during the summer, 20 new drinking fountains will be installed in London.

Fountains are part of a 3-year initiative

Sadiq Khan’s 3-year initiative, which costs £750,000, is meant to significantly reduce the plastic waste that ‘flooded’ London in the past years. The initiative will be set on Thursday for the London’s budget committee review.

Shirley Rodrigues, the deputy mayor for the environment, sustained that the use of single-use plastic recipients is having an immense negative impact on the environment and that the installation of the new fountains and the bottle-refill post will be reducing the plastic waste.

The City Hall initiative is sustained by organizations and companies

The new mayor’s plans have already drawn the attention of the Zoological Society of London which will supply the fountains and will analyze the initiative’s effect on the plastic waste. Also, the Society started an online campaign called #OneLess.

Besides, Network Rail is supporting the initiative and accepted the proposal of installing new fountains and bottle-refill points in the stations they manage.

Also, Drinking Fountain Administration’s leader, Paul O’Connor, welcomed the mayor’s initiative stating that all the previous plans were vague but this new plan is already on-going and it is promising.

England’s capital city, London, is already having old fountains installed, but many of them are not working and some boroughs have none.

In conclusion, Khan’s initiative can really mean a step forward towards a cleaner environment.


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