Planting More Trees Will Boost Summer Rains Across Europe, New Study Finds

Planting More Trees Will Boost Summer Rains Across Europe, New Study Finds

New study highlights the importance of planting more trees to fight climate change across Europe. Converting agricultural land to the forest would increase summer rains by 7.6 % on average. How is this possible?

Researchers believe that more rain could somehow offset the rise in dry conditions expected with climate change.

Here is what you need to know.

Climate Change Mission: Planting Trees

The new study considers the impact of turning agricultural land across Europe into sustainable woods. Researchers estimated how any modifications to forests would impact rainfall across the continent. The results are genuinely intriguing.


The findings of boosting up rainfall are partly based on observations of current patterns. Planting trees is now a significant move, several countries all over the world have chosen this.

The researchers discovered that rainfall across Europe was increased particularly in the summer months. The results include 7.6 % more precipitation during summer.

Ronny Meier the lead author of the study from ETH Zurich, explains:

“Probably the most threatening climate change signal that we expect in relation to precipitation, is this decrease in summer precipiation that is expected in the southern parts of Europe like the Mediterranean.”

According to the new study, forestation would highly lead to a boost in precipitation. That means the forestation would most likely adapt to the consequences of climate change.

Furthermore, the researchers highlighted that the increased rainfall could also have some negative impacts. It could increase rainfall patterns that are already wrecked by climate change.

That portrays the idea that fighting and trying to solve climate change with trees is not that easy as previously believed.

Still, planting more trees is never a bad idea, but we shouldn’t expect immediate results. The new trees can never compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions emanating from the burning of fossil fuels.

Researchers still need more time to figure other things out and probe their findings. So far, planting more trees has never hurt anybody.

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