Planet Nine’s Existence has been Confirmed

Planet Nine’s Existence has been Confirmed

Planet nine is considered universe’s biggest mystery which might be hiding in astronomers’ plain sight. According to them, Planet Nine might be hiding beyond Jupiter. An astronomer at the University of Tokyo, Surhud More, told Washington Post that every time the team takes a picture, Planet Nine might come in the shot.

How come we have not heard of Planet Nine before?

No telescope could ever spot it even though there is clear evidence it exists. An astronomer at the California Institute of Technology, Michael Brown feels eternally optimistic that it will soon be found by someone no matter how invisible it may appear to the current observatories.

There is the main theory which states that the elusive ninth planet might have been orbiting beyond Pluto for years, but a recent study came up with its own statements.

What does the study talk about?

A distant rocky object was spotted by researchers, and they think the gravitational pull of an uncharted planet might have pushed it into an extraordinary orbit.

The ever-convincing case that Planet Nine exists might be bolstered by their finding.

The first theory to come up about Planet Nine was in 2016 at Caltech when experts spotted the tilted orbits of a group of icy objects on our solar system’s edges.

These lumps of ice or so-called Trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs)’ orbits got warped by a ninth planet’s gravitational pull from our solar system.

These objects found had elliptical orbits tilted 30 degrees downward in comparison to the way in which planets circle the sun, and they were also pointing in the same direction.

Even though no expert has ever seen Planet Nine, it did not stop astronomers and NASA scientists to release research and support the theory exemplified in this article.


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