Planet Nine Hypothesis – A Big Leap Forward!

Planet Nine Hypothesis – A Big Leap Forward!

There was a time when most people could safely say that there are nine planets. However, scientists began arguing over what can be labeled as a planet. Pluto is no longer a planet, but some astronomers think that there is an actual ninth planet somewhere in space. Other astronomers disagree with that concept, and the debate is starting to shift towards the nine planet skeptics’ hypotheses.

To put it simply, some individuals claimed that a tenth (or ninth) planet was on its way towards colliding with Earth. Planet Nine’s scientific argument relies on a 2016 study carried out by astronomers Michael Brown and Konstantin Batygin. The analysis shows data regarding the peculiar orbits of many extreme trans-Neptunian objects (ETNO, for short), which may be the outcome of a huge, yet-to-be-discovered object in the outer region of the solar system.

Other researchers were obviously skeptical of these hypotheses, but Brown and Batygin’s proof was hard to dismiss as conspiracy theories about the unknown planet.

The orbits mentioned in the study are unfamiliar, and they support the concept that there is a considerable something out there. We don’t know what that something is yet. It could be a planet, and the math hints towards an object considerably more extensive than our planet.

Its whereabouts are yet to be known.

Some scientists believe that Planet Nine may actually be a small black hole, as the only recorded evidence of Planet Nine we have is gravity.

A pre-print study from the University of Michigan’s Kevin Napier offers alternative reasoning. The team says that maybe, the supposed conglomeration of ETNO orbits in the solar system’s outer region is an illusion provoked by biased data. Napier says that it’s tough to spot the minuscule ETNOs at such great distances. Therefore, astronomers must adjust their telescopes to concentrate on particular areas of the sky, taking into account both the time of day and year. The result is supposedly an incomplete view of ETNOs. So, the gathering of objects isn’t particularly clustering – those are just the objects that Batygin and Brown happened to label.

The team went further and analyzed 14 ETNOs that weren’t included in the initial Planet, Nine Paper. They discovered no sign that those objects were affected by the hypothetical Planet Nine.

The study still requires peer-reviewing, but the team appears very confident regarding their hypotheses.

However, the debate on the subject is still very heated.

Stay tuned to learn more about the subject, as the extra analysis is undergoing.


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