Phone Counseling, Found To Be As Effective As Face-To-Face Therapy

Phone Counseling, Found To Be As Effective As Face-To-Face Therapy

There’s a massive debate regarding the efficiency of phone counseling compared to face-to-face therapy, and people still lack trust in such remote practices.

But there are various studies in this direction that should be enough to boost confidence in the benefits that come with remote therapy these days.

Remote therapy vs. face-to-face counseling

For instance, new research that has been conducted in England just showed that cognitive behavioral therapy is just as effective when it takes place remotely via the phone as it is in person.

Over the phone therapy is the ideal solution that people who are not able to meet a therapist in person have these days.

There are various reasons which could keep someone from being able to head over to a doctor’s office, such as the inability to move there, the higher costs of psychotherapy, anxiety triggered by the idea of revealing your most inner problems face to face to a stranger and more.

Not seeing a therapist can also prevent patients from being able to access treatment, but fortunately, telephone therapy is a more convenient and cheaper option that people have these days.

The study we mentioned above reveals the latest findings that suggest the fact that people in need of counseling can benefit from the same outcomes by taking advantage of remote therapy as they would normally do from face to face counseling.

Over the phone counseling, found to be as effective as in person therapy

Researchers who worked in this study used data from the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies database, and they analyzed the records of 39,000 patients.

Experts reportedly compared the data to determine whether cognitive behavioral therapy is as effective via the telephone as when it’s conducted in person. The great news is that it is for the vast majority of patients.

So, in conclusion, if you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health issue, anxiety, depression and all kinds of dark thoughts during this time, feel free to check out the innovative ways of counseling via the telephone because remote therapy is just as effective as the traditional ways of treating such health-related issues.  

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