People Of Kelowna Workshop Teaches Us How To Maintain Our Brain Health

People Of Kelowna Workshop Teaches Us How To Maintain Our Brain Health

While we’re walking on the street we often encounter people that have aged beautifully, old couples holding hands, playing chess, so on and so forth. In order to reach the same beauty as them, we should not only be aware of some aspects regarding health and lifestyle, but we should also take those aspects in consideration whenever we find ourselves in front of certain situations.

Studies have shown that a healthy mind could also lead to a healthy body and vice versa. We should be aware that our brain muscles need attention just like the abs or arms. This is what organizations such as the Alzheimer Society of B.C claim.

Date and location

People of Kelowna could be the very happy listeners of all the things we should do in order to take proper care of our brain and eventually age with grace. The workshop is called “Heads Up! An Introduction to Brain Health” and will take place on the 29th of August. Once arrived there, the lucky people will be taught how to maintain their brain muscles healthy. They will learn more about the key of aging beautifully and related stuff.

People are invited to the event from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Alzheimer Resource Centre, on 307-1664 Richter Street and the interested ones are also asked to call for a pre-registration at the following number 250-860-0305 or send a message to

Reducing the risk of Alzheimer and dementia is also something that needs to be taken care of. Both brain diseases prevent the “victims” from doing daily necessary activities, even speaking, remembering something or solving a problem could be if not impossible then, at least difficult.

The teachers from the workshop guarantee the fact that the participants will be able to ask questions and interact with them whenever they feel like they haven’t understood something. They promised hours of easy learning even though the subject might seem difficult.


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