Ovarian Tumor Weighing 133 Pounds Was Successfully Removed From A Woman At The Danbury Hospital In Connecticut

Ovarian Tumor Weighing 133 Pounds Was Successfully Removed From A Woman At The Danbury Hospital In Connecticut

Dr. Vaagn Andikyan, an oncologist from Danbury Hospital in Connecticut, had not seen such a thing before in his career. A 38-year-old woman was sent to Andikyan after she gained weight too quickly, leading her to seek medical care. When she arrived at the clinic, the doctors detected an ovarian tumor measuring one meter wide and weighing about 133 pounds spread across her abdominal area.

25 doctors embarked on a 5-hour procedure to successfully extirpate the 133-pound ovarian tumor

The tumor was benign but it had made the women’s legs swell up so badly that she was not able to walk anymore. As a result of the tumor’s location in her body, the woman was seriously undernourished and her bowels had been pressed towards her chest, as Time reports.

Eventually, a staff of 25 Danbury medical professionals, ranging from surgeons, heart specialists, obstetricians, gynecologists, assistant physicians, anesthetists, nurses, and surgical room technicians, joined together to complete the surgery.

On February 14th, 2018, the team of doctors carried out a 5-hour long procedure, that entailed the removal of the tumor and rebuilding the patient’s abdominal area.

The result, according to Andikyan, exceeded any expectations

Not only that the doctors extirpated the tumor with great success but also they managed to save her uterus, an ovary, and the most part of the fallopian tubes, thereby averting early menopause installation and leaving the possibility for a future pregnancy.

As the tumor was noncancerous, which is typical for extremely big tumoral masses, the woman was not suspected of experiencing any permanent health complications, according to Andikyan.

This is one of the biggest tumors that has ever been diagnosed. While there have been reported some ovarian tumors that weighed more than 287 pounds, the majority are considerably smaller. According to specialists, an ovarian tumor that exceeds 50 pounds is believed large, while a 133-pound ovarian tumor is considered extremely rare.


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